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In 2002, Richard earned his academic degree in Visual Arts studying Photography at the University Of Maryland – Baltimore County. He also began working as a Photojournalist at a local newspaper and continued to use his journalistic style of Photography in his weddings photos.

“I have always enjoyed the works of 1900’s Photojournalist Henri Cartier-Bresson and his description of the ‘ Decisive Moment’ when everything on the frame comes together with the photographer head and eye and heart to make the perfect image, and I use this vision in my wedding and everyday photography to make the perfect beautiful image for my clients.”

The fluid style of his photographs is enhanced by his experience as a photojournalist and portrait and travel photographer. “I really love what I do and enjoy talking with my clients and working with them to find the perfect connection between them and myself and the photographs that they will be enjoying for a lifetime.”

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    Alma once served as the ore-processing center of South Park and once numbered 900 residents.

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